Market value 100,000 euros: Gräfelfing with luck transfer

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The TSV Gräfelfing has managed a transfer voucher. Bernd Gegenfurtner was able to sign a player with an earlier market value of 100,000 euros with Bosnian Belmin Idrizovic.

Gräfelfing – His future colleagues were immediately convinced by the auditioner. “Coach, you have to see that he plays for us,” said the footballers of TSV Gräfelfing in the direction of Bernd Gegenfurtner. The district league coach did not hesitate and gave Belmin Idrizovic the promise for the upcoming season.

Rather coincidently, the 22-year-old had found his way into the Wolfsbau. When he left Bosnia and Herzegovina for Munich, he submitted an application video to 18 clubs in the state capital. Both the four goals and the best scenes of the midfielder from 61 games for second division FK Buducnost Banovici were seen. “Our squad is unfortunately already full,” said the ready-willing to change again and again. At some point was then spoken to the TSV, that there would be a kicker from the Balkans, which is traded on the online football portal with an earlier market value of 100 000 euros, but nobody wanted to have in Munich. Since co-trainer Adis Letica is fluent as Idrizovic’s Bosnian national language, contact and communication were not a problem.

“He is a monster”

Pure football, the trained midfielder anyway has no communication problem with his new team. “He is really good,” says Gegenfurtner. The level would settle the coach in this country at the “national league level”. In terms of appearance, Idrizovic makes a brawny figure that is pretty scary for the opponents. “He’s a monster,” is how Gegenfurtner describes the 1.76-meter and 79-pound kicker, the stature looks like Xherdan Shaqiri and once equipped with a butt like Roberto Carlos.

Before coming to Germany, Idrizovic had worked in agriculture. Since the wages are low in his home country, he applied for a visa with a work permit for Germany. As a driver for fruits and vegetables, he has now come to Munich. Since the visa requirement for people from Bosnia expires on 1 January 2020, he does not have to return home at the turn of the year. This is relieved Gegenfurtner. This leaves Idrizovic plenty of time to work on his German. So far, he answers every question with “yes”. “You should not always, yes,” say, but ask, if you do not understand something, “the coach has sharpened him again and again.

Gegenfurtner prefers to use his new acquisition as an offensive. In the test match against SV Lochhausen Idrizovic scored two goals in the TSV jersey at the premiere. His teammates had already seen this during their first training session.